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Julia Fincher (Julia)

Julia has been practicing yoga for 4 years. Completed 200hr YTT with Her Yoga Spirit led by Lisa Asha Rapp. She was inspired to dedicate her life to the practice after she had her daughter. At first she was into it for the physical changes and through time, dedication  and more practice she began to find the mental and spiritual changes. Through her practice she's gained self-confidence, self-love and began to find enlightenment and bliss finding her true self. She teaches Hatha and mainly a creative Vinyasa Flow class incorporating breathing techniques with basic poses, proper alignment, core work, energizing arm balances and inversions ending in a comforting, mindful and meditative savasana. The benefit she has received through her own personal practice has led her to want to share yoga with others. With her teachings she encourage the students to delve inward to be fully connected and aware of their body, mind and spirit, finding inner peace, pure joy and contentment within. Listening to the body, moving with breath and intention, and connecting to ones own Spirituality is what takes place during her teachings.

*Fun Fact.... Being a lover of land, sky and sea, taking her practice outdoors connecting with nature is where she finds her true Yoga Bliss.

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