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Stacey Rabut (Stacey)

With love and gratitude, Stacey was born and raised on the island of Oahu and is happy to join the Ohana Space yoga family in Waikiki.  Stacey grew up on the east side embodying the spirit of an island girl enjoying outdoor activities and especially in the performing arts.  Her greatest passion was the performing arts through dance where she could manifest her creative side through hiphop, jazz, ballet, and tahitian.  

She discovered yoga as an outlet in 2015 as work and daily life became increasingly stressful and busy through a mutual friend and began practicing her first style - Bikram yoga.  She practiced at Hot Yoga Nimitz where she developed a love for vinyasa flow, one breath to one movement.  Deciding to bring her practice to the next level Stacey received her RYT-200 certification with Corepower Yoga Kailua studios under the instruction of Jennifer Collatta and Kate Lynn J in May 2016.  She also received her certification for the Power Yoga Teacher Training extensions under the direction of Sarah Yo and Sarah Jayne in June 2016. Stacey enjoys the creative aspects yoga and the health benefits that stem from calming the mind, body, and soul.  Her practice has extended towards vinyasa flow, stand up board paddle yoga, aerial yoga, acro yoga, and bikram yoga.


As a teacher, Stacey finds the yoga practice to be rooted within its own language.  Each student has a unique experience and their own form of practice.  When we arrive in the present moment together as a class, we liberate ourselves and transform fear into love which is the language of yoga manifesting the human experience.  Her goal is to continue to train in other styles of yoga such as prenatal and children's yoga.  She hopes to build a connection with her students and continue to share her passion for yoga.

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